#9: Nat Mur 6X Cell Salt


Nat Mur is a biochemic cell (tissue) salt that has been used by homeopaths and home prescribers the world over for nearly 200 years to hydrate. It helps bring fluids to cells anywhere in the body that have become dry or dehydrated.

Typical complaints include: dry/cracked skin anywhere (fingers/face/lips etc.), 2nd stage acute infections (colds, coughs, sore throats, earaches etc.) with clear discharges that are like raw egg-white. It is also the #1 remedy for cold sores!

Contains: approximately 250 tablets.
(Expiration June 2028)

Manufactured to the highest of standards by Helios, the UK’s premier homeopathic pharmacy.

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#1:  Calc Fluor (Restores elasticity & strength.)
#2:  Calc Phos (Restores strength.)
#3:  Calc Sulph (Purifies the blood. Seals & heals.)
#4:  Ferr Phos (Oxygenates the blood.)
#5:  Kali Mur (Calms inflammation, especially mucus membranes)
#6:  Kali Phos (Calms nerves. Relieves pain.)
#7:  Kali Sulph (Oxygenates tissues.)
#8:  Mag Phos (Eases cramps/spasms. Relieves pain.)
#9:  Nat Mur (Hydrates. Brings fluid into cells.)
#10: Nat Phos (Balances the pH. Regulates acidity.)
#11: Nat Sulph (Drains excess fluid out of cells.)
#12: Silica (Restores strength. Ejects & heals.)

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Active ingredient: Natrum muriaticum 6X (Sodium chloride)
Inactive ingredient: Saccharum lactose, magnesium stearate, sodium starch glycolate.

Saccharum lactose aka Sugar of Milk (Lactose NF). This is a pharmaceutical grade of sugar derived from cow’s milk. It has been completely purified of casein, whey or other milk proteins.
Magnesium stearate helps the tablets keep their shape.
Sodium starch glycolate helps the tablets dissolve in water (or saliva).

Tablets can be dissolved in the mouth (or or under the tongue).
Or they can be dissolved in water and sipped or applied externally.

Adult dose: 3 tablets
Child dose: 2 tablets
Infant dose: 1 tablet

Cell salts should be repeated according to need and/or as directed by practitioner.

Weight 1.7 oz
Dimensions 2.75 × 1 × 1 in

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