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About My Shop

My online shop started 15 years ago with just two products: my Healing Cream for Joints and Muscles and my Healing Cream for Scars. I developed these two creams 35 years ago back in the UK, in collaboration with Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy and I was so glad to find a homeopathic manufacturing company in the US to make my products to a high standard. Both creams have a lovely track record at this point.

My shop has grown itself sweetly and organically over the years. It is now a fully fledged boutique with a variety of healing products that I know and love. Sometimes a customer or a patient asks me to stock a specific product. Or I may be visiting with a homeopathic pharmacist friend who asks if I would like to offer their products. Or I find something new and exciting at a conference. Little by little I have added to our collection of gentle healing products and I am especially pleased that some have been developed by homeopathic practitioners who, like myself, are keen to offer non-toxic, healing alternatives to their clients.

I developed two more products … a bug bite gel and a cell salt tonic for bones, hair teeth and nails. Each one of these is designed to support and enhance your body’s natural healing ability using the gentlest of stimuli.

Periodically I survey customers to find out which products they like the best, which ones work well for them and which ones do not. I invite suggestions for additional products they wish I would stock.

Feedback from the several customers led me to tweak my Scars Cream formula. It is now ‘nut’ free: I replaced the almond oil with coconut and rice bran oils, both of which have lovely healing properties for scars. I also removed the lavender oil to make it 100% fragrance-free taking the concerns of the cancer communities into account.

Ellen manages the products and the shipping. She has many years of homeopathic experience (both teaching and practicing) and always loves chatting with customers. About homeopathy or healing, golf or gardening. Or anything really! She is available to take your orders over the phone if you would prefer not to order online. If you haven’t connected with her yet you’ve a treat in store!

So—welcome to our little shop. If you find anything that doesn’t work please let us know so we can fix it!

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