Pregnancy, Birth & Babies by Miranda Castro

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My Mother and Baby book is a treasure trove of practical, healing and homeopathic information for every parent.
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Homeopathy for pregnancy and birth introduces readers to the many safe, effective, inexpensive and non-medical remedies that homeopathy has to offer women in this important period. The book explains the principles of homeopathy and tells readers how to select the remedies that correlate to hundreds of common symptoms of physical and emotional stress. It offers natural ways to make labor and birth as relaxed as possible, using homeopathic methods.

After a concise explanation of the principles of homeopathy, there are two main sections:

  • Part 1: Practical and specific recommendations for each different period and their most common complaints and solutions-during pregnancy, during birth and post natal period. Useful case histories to show how and when homeopathy works
  • Part 2: Explanation of over 90 different remedies and when to use them
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1 review for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies by Miranda Castro

  1. Emmanuelle Delpech-Ramey (verified owner)

    This book has helped me going through my pregnancy, birth and ongoing life with confidence and trust. I have been able to heal myself and my son so easily and safely without going to the doctor. I recommend this book to every mother! or I buy it for them!