Miranda Castro
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Please enjoy my website - i have filled it with a veritable treasure trove of homeopathic nuggets and gems including:

  • Information about classical classical homeopathy.
  • Information about my practice and my teaching schedule including my upcoming webinars.
  • A small, but fun and interesting selection of articles.
  • A growing number of my homeopathic videos and webinars.
  • My shop where you'll find gentle healing products that work.
  • A link to Compass - a homeopathic practice management software program I developed for homeopathic students and practitioners.

My logo depicts ripples. This is my favorite metaphor for how homeopathy works: those beautiful ripples sending healing from the inside out.

Please browse and enjoy - and don't worry if English is not your first language! At the bottom of this page you'll notice a bar with Facebook and Flickr icons. To the right of those is a Select Language menu … click to translate my whole site instantaneously into the language of your choice.

Whether you are new to homeopathy and need more information or are an enthusiastic home prescriber or student, I hope you find this site useful.

With all best healing wishes


Updated April 16, 2012

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