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A brilliantly effective non-toxic solution for fingernail or toenail fungus, athlete’s foot and cracked heels.

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Toenail or Fingernail fungus does not respond to homeopathy, and the conventional medical treatments are unacceptably ‘strong’ and prone to side effects, so I was delighted to find this herbal product. I spent six months trying it out on family and friends and was so happy with the results so I decided to stock it in my shop.

It is both effective and non-toxic.
A box of Nail Fungus Soak is enough for approximately 2 months of daily soaking.

The formula contains a balanced blend of the following herbs: Equisteum sp., Mentha spicata, Eucalyptus and Lavendula sp. The herbs work in combination with the vinegar solution.

It doesn’t contain any tea tree herb or oil, no fillers and no chemicals or preservatives.

Neither the eucalyptus nor the mentha will “antidote” your homeopathic remedies.

The herbs are combined with 4 cups of freshly boiled, inexpensive (pasteurized) apple cider vinegar from the grocery store (the organic stuff does not work).

After steeping and straining the liquid, it should be stored in a plastic container with a lid – one big enough for your foot or hand to rest in: a plastic shoe storage box or Tupperware work well. It does not have to be refrigerated.

You soak every day for 3-5 minutes – after a shower, while you are brushing your teeth or watching TV!

Some new nail growth at the base of the nails will start to appear after about 5-6 weeks. Very tough cases will take longer.

Athlete’s foot and cracked heels will respond sooner – usually within a couple of week.

If you give up too soon it won’t work – you really do have to give it a full 2 months of daily soaking to begin to get results. If the fungus has been there for 5 or 10 years or more then it can take 4-6 months of soaking to get rid of it.

Q: Are there any precautions?
A: Not really – you wouldn’t want to use it on an open wound. The vinegar will sting. A lot. And you wouldn’t want to ingest it either. It won’t do you any harm but drinking smelly old vinegar isn’t particularly good for you!

Q: How long will it last?
A: There’s enough in a box of Nail Fungus Soak to last about 2 months, with daily soaking. While the liquid is effective longer than that, most people, especially if using it for their feet, tend to track a bit out each day and after 2 months, the amount of liquid has diminished. The liquid is still good, it’s just harder to soak your feet if the level of liquid has gone down.

Q: Do I have to remove my nail polish?
A: No, nail polish won’t have any effect on the Nail Soak’s effectiveness. The liquid penetrates around and under the nails where the fungus is located.

Q: Will the soak discolor my nails?
A: A slight darkening of the nails from the carmel coloring in the apple cider vinegar sometimes occurs. Some brands have more caramel coloring than others.

Q: Can I soak just the affected nails?
A: It is best to soak your entire foot in the liquid. By soaking your foot, not just the affected nail, you are eliminating all of the fungus on the area. Additionally, nail fungus can be in the beginning stages on other nails, even though you don’t see evidence yet. Soaking all of the nails insures you are heading off future fungal problems on the nails that appear clear of the fungus.

Q: Why can’t I use organic vinegar?
A: The good quality, apple cider vinegar from the health food store is great for salad dressings, or for internal use. However, it is not pasturized, and does not work with this Herbal Nail Fungus Soak. The cheap apple cider vinegar from the grocery store is pasteurized, and will work with this product.

Q: Can I speed things up by soaking twice a day?
A: Soaking morning and evening is probably better than just once a day, but most people find that one daily soak is all they have time for. If you want to soak twice daily, 3 minutes each time is enough. In theory, twice daily should work a bit faster than once a day.

Q: Can Nail Soak be applied topically?
A: No, applying it topically just doesn’t work. The soaking part is important because it soaks under and around the nails, in areas where just applying topically won’t reach. Soaking really does make a difference.

Q: Will this product work on other fungal infections of the skin?
A: Yes it can do however it is harder to apply. Fungal infections like “jock itch” will respond in about 10 days to 2 weeks. To use it for this purpose, mix Nail Soak according to directions then apply twice daily if possible as follows: soak a washcloth in the Nail Soak liquid, wring it out loosely and apply a very wet washcloth to the affected area. Leave it in place for 5 minutes. Pat dry afterward but don’t wash off the area for at least an hour if possible.

Q: Will it work for sweaty feet that are in trainers all day?
A: If you wear heavy boots or trainers for long days and you have a tendency to sweaty feet this is an ideal environment for a fungus to grow. Have an extra pair of boots or trainers and switch them out every day so that the other pair has a chance to dry out. When you are home air your feet as much as possible (in sandals or barefoot etc.)

If you have any other questions that are not answered here then please contact us.

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4 reviews for Nail Fungus Soak

  1. [email protected] (verified owner)

    I have used this before and am pleased to find it available here. It works. Just follow the directions. Try to leave nail polish off or at least off a few days a week. Wear sandals when possible. Allow your feet to get some sun. It works.

  2. Miranda (verified owner)

    This soak really works. I used to garden in bare feet (in Florida!) and ended up with fungus spreading on 5 of my toes (3 on one foot and 2 on the other.) I used 2 boxes of the herbs and made up enough for 2 plastic shoe storage boxes. After my daily shower I stood in the boxes while I brushed my teeth and fussed with my hair etc. 5 minutes a day. After 2 months the fungus stopped spreading and after 6 months my nails were good as new!!! I love that it is so gentle and non-toxic to boot!!!

  3. [email protected] (verified owner)

    This is a long process for me. After two months the skin on my feet is clear. My toe nails grow very slowly so it is hard to tell if the new growth is fungus free. I expect this to take a year. So far so good and I will continue soaking each morning.

    • Miranda (verified owner)

      Katherine yes! I only saw new fungus free growth clearly after 3 months so fingers crossed and please let us know!
      All best healing wishes

  4. [email protected] (verified owner)

    This is a follow up to my previous review. The nails on my right foot don’t seems to grow at all. When winter hit and my soaking solution was 55 F in the morning I took a break. Without the daily soak the fungus is expanding. Without any growth of my nails I’m at a stand still. (so to speak). My homoeopath put me on some cell salts beginning 2/2024.