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Disc 1: Introduction, Calc-fluor., Calc-phos., Calc-sulph., Ferr-phos. and Kali-mur.

Disc 2: Kali-phos., Kali-sulph., Mag-phos., Nat-mur. and Nat-phos.

Disc 3: Silica, How to take them, All about Cell Salt Combinations and Relationships

Learn all about how to use the Homeopathic Cell Salts in these practical and entertaining DVDs.

The Cell Salts are the ‘supplements’ of the homeopathic world and carry out much of their work at a physical level. They are capable of healing a wide range of everyday ailments such as building bones after a growth spurt or an injury, strengthening hair, teeth and nails at any time, boosting energy, sleeping better, treating simple allergies and coughs, colds and flus, earaches and sinus congestion, urinary tract infections and so much more.

They can be safely given to adults, and children of all ages including infants. They are ideally suited to the home prescriber or the busy practitioner who wishes to support patients with a gentle therapeutic modality that will not interfere with constitutional remedies.

I have been using the Cell Salts in one form or another my whole life. I love their simplicity and the fact that there are only twelve of them – as opposed to the many hundreds of homeopathic remedies. —Miranda Castro

Professionally filmed and edited.

Extensive, brilliantly helpful handouts included.

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