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Gesundheit! Relief for Hay Fever with Homeopathy

Hay feverSummer is here – and so are seasonal allergies or hay fever, as it is more commonly called in the UK. The common symptoms are runny, itchy eyes, a runny and/or stuffed up nose – and sneezing. Homeopathy can help.

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Finders Keepers!

Scars-LargeFinding the right homeopath for the needs of you and your family can be a challenge. I receive a dozen or more emails and phone calls every month from people who want help finding a homeopath. Let me help you!

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Testimonials for my Healing Cream for Scars

Scars-LargeIn the past year or so I have received a number of unsolicited testimonials. Some of them even came with before and after photos. Here’s a small selection!

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Bug Bite Relief | A Survey

BitesStingsx3SquareLast summer I created a Bug Bite Formula and had the pharmacist make up four versions in order to test them on a group of friends, colleagues and patients. The pharmacy numbered each tube to make the testing a bit more scientific.

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Writing as an Amazing Healing Tool

FallI have used this kind of writing in my own life and found it to be profoundly healing. I have also recommended it to hundreds of patients over the past 25 years – patients of all ages – especially those who had been through an emotionally challenging or traumatic experience, who were unable or reluctant to see a counselor or therapist.

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Your Natural Medicine Cabinet by Burke Lennihan

FallHere are a few “good reads” excerpted from Your Natural Medicine Cabinet by Burke Lennihan, RN (pub. Cambridge, Mass: GreenHealing Press, 2012). This fabulous book is available from Miranda Castro’s Shop with a 20% discount!

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Flu Suggestions, Reminders & FAQs

flufaqsAfter I sent out the Flu Updates email and posted it as a note on Facebook earlier this year I received a fair number of comments and questions … here are a few suggestions and reminders. Paul Herscu has written a brilliantly helpful blog posting on this years flu and the remedies that have worked for his patients.

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Flu Notes for 2012/2013

thyminflI posted this note on my Facebook Page on January 14th: http://bit.ly/flunotes (includes comments). On January 12, 2013 I posted an open inquiry to friends and homeopaths about which remedies are helping them and/or their patients in their state – and/or their country.

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The Newest Grandbaby

FallIn November I went to England to nibble on the newest grandbaby’s toes. His name is Jacob and he was 2 months old at the time of my visit. The weather was frightful … it was November in England after all … but we were all warm and cozy with new baby love.

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Oh Fluey!

ohfluey By February of 2011 the flu had marched across the country, and was widespread throughout Florida at this time. That year’s flu was a doozy … without homeopathy people were sick for 2-3 weeks then recovering for a further week or two, and the cough could linger for ages.

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