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Top Tips for Tip Top Teeth!

Top Tips for Tip Top Teeth

For the Americans for Homeopathy Pledge Drive this week I talked with Paola about some quick and easy remedies for teeth issues including pain, abscesses, strengthening the teeth and more! Scroll to the end of this article to view the video of our chat!

Teeth aren’t simple posts!

  • Enamel is the hardest tissue in the body (comprised of calcium phosphate) and the 2nd hardest tissue in the world after diamonds!
    • Dentine is the 2nd hardest tissue in the body.
  • Ligaments connect teeth to the jawbone.
    • They support the teeth—and act as shock absorbers (just like knee joints!)
    • They help to keep the gums healthy.
    • Along with dentine and enamel they protect blood vessels and nerves from injury.

Happy Gnashers Happy Mouth!!!

  • Brush brush brush: teeth and gums and tongue!
  • Floss or pick or both: between and in and around your teeth.
  • Chew chew crunch crunch: your jaw and your teeth need to work out just like every other joint in your body!
    • Pile up a bunch of raw veggies on the table before dinner.
    • Pile up some raw fruits before breakfast!
    • Choose denser breads with chewy crusts:  pumpernickel, baguette, ciabatta, bagels … lots come gluten free these days.

My Homeopathic Faves for Dental Pain/Bleeding

  • MAG PHOS … pains are better for warmth and firm pressure
  • HYPERICUM … shooting pains (nerves damaged), worse touch
  • CHAMOMILLA … unbearable pain with anger (expressed), inconsolable
  • STAPHYSAGRIA … betrayed/angry/shocked/hurting, worse touch – you see it
  • RUTA … aching, sore bruised, better for warmth and light pressure (ligaments)
  • FERRUM PHOS … bleeding, inflammation with swelling, redness (gums)

Grab these remedies on your way to the dentist so you don’t have to wait until you get home to start taking (or giving) one of them! And what?!!! No Arnica? How can that be!!!

Why Not Arnica?

ARNICA won’t do any harm, but it might not help a tremendous amount because Arnica is designed for soft tissue damage – its special sphere of action is to injured or bruised or overworked muscles.

Dental tissues are mostly hard hard hard: dentine, enamel, bones. Or they are tough tough tough like ligaments (connective tissues), or something completely different like blood vessels or nerves.

There’s always an exception!!!
After any dental procedure, if the gums are sore and swollen (and bruised) and worse for touch then Arnica is your BFF. Otherwise move on …

PAIN! The gestalt is all!

  • MAG PHOS: Think Homeopathic Aspirin! Simple pains that are are better for heat and pressure (especially firm pressure).
  • HYPERICUM: After a filling where the dentist drills close to the ‘pulp’ and nerves or for people with generally sensitive teeth. Worse heat and cold.
  • CHAMOMILLA: Unbearable pain with anger. Children scream and cry … they cannot be consoled – they ask for things they immediately reject.
  • STAPHYSAGRIA: Betrayed/angry/shocked/hurting – you see it in their eyes “how could you.” The pains (and the person) are worse touch. (Think braces …)
  • RUTA … The pains are deep, aching, sore bruised, better for warmth and for light (not firm) pressure. The ligaments to the teeth are sore. (Think braces…)

Traumatic Dental Trauma: Frequent & Costly

Approximately one-third of children and toddlers (primary teeth) and one-fifth of adolescents and adults (permanent teeth) sustained a traumatic dental injury. The majority involved … falls in toddlers at home and contact sport in adolescents.

  • After a (typically facial) injury where the front teeth get smashed but don’t fall out, they can hurt a lot and … they may be a bit loose. They may start to discolor.
  • The dentist may say the tooth is possibly or probably dying.
  • This is because the blood vessels burst and/or nerves are damaged.
  • HYPERICUM will save the teeth because it heals damaged nerves.
    Take or give the highest potency you have at hand: 30 or 200 are both fine or higher if you have it.
  • Follow up with Ruta if soreness remains after the danger of loosing the tooth passes.

Dental Abscesses

  • HEPAR SULPH: Swollen, painful abscesses. Pains are splinter-like or knife-like and are worse for touch and cold (anything i.e. drinks/food/air etc).
  • CALC SULPH: Swollen, painful abscesses. With pus that is typically thick, lumpy yellow or bloody/blood-streaked. Pains are worse for heat. When Hepar sulph doesn’t help. Speeds up the process for discharging abscesses.
  • MERCURIUS: Abscesses accompanied by smelly breath, a bad taste in the mouth and increased saliva. Pus is smelly and can be yellow, green or blood-streaked. Everything is worse for heat AND cold.
  • SILICA: Swollen, painful abscesses that are better for heat (hot compresses) and worse for cold. Brings abscesses to a head and helps create an outlet for the pus.

Quick Remedy Notes

  • If the remedy is obvious give it – if the symptoms are severe give more often … every 10-15 mins if need be, backing off as it starts to work. The start as stop as needed.
  • If there’s no response after 4 – 6 doses change the remedy.
  • Alternate two remedies if you cannot choose.
  • Write it down so you don’t forget, so you don’t have to root around in your notes:
    • One page per person, per child with brief notes – on one line if possible
    • Date | Remedy | Reason | Result

Cell Salts for Strength & Health

Build strong, healthy teeth and bones with biochemic cell salts.

These low potency homeopathic remedies are basically microdoses of essential minerals. They enable the cells to absorb minerals from everything you eat and drink. The following three cell salts have a dynamic relationship with one another and they can be taken for weeks or even months at a time if need be … to reverse cavities or osteoporosis etc.:

  • Calc fluor: tonifies bones and teeth as well as ligaments 
      Weak teeth, tendency to cavities, translucent tips to teeth
  • Calc phos: strengthens bones and teeth tissues
      Weak teeth, tendency to cavities, for every age of life
  • Silica/Silicea: tonifies bones, teeth, hair and nails
      Weak teeth and gums, sensitive to cold

My Combination Remedy for Bones, Hair, Nails and Teeth conveniently contains all 3 cell salts in one brilliant bottle.

This little combination has a 40 year track record of helping people of all ages, including kids and the elderly, to remineralize their teeth and their bones.

Healing Cell Salts

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