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Reviews: The Complete Homeopathy Handbook

I’m writing to you because I bought your wonderful book, The Complete Homeopathy Handbook, a copy of it is in the households of each of our four daughters. The three of whom who are mothers also have your Baby books!
Hugh E.

I have been pouring over your handbook for many years and it continues to fascinate me. I truly love your informative, simple, and easy to understand text and (with your kit) I now look forward to putting these wonderful little miracles of nature into practice. Your book is always the one I return to as it is clear and informative, not too much and not too little…just right!
Joane W, Yoga School of Meditation

I always refer to your book The Complete Homeopathy Handbook before prescribing any remedies. It is like a bible to me and I always bring it whenever I travel. Last month I attended an introductory course on homeopathy. The students were given a handout on the 36 remedies, but the information was very brief. So during the class, I was constantly referring to your book while the homeopath was talking about the different remedies. Soon, the other ladies in the class were asking me what the book was about. So I showed them and pretty soon, everyone was asking to take a look at it. They kept commenting on how your book was so detailed, informative, and easy to read. Given the complexity of the subject, everyone concluded that you’ve made homeopathy much more easy for them to understand. By the end of the 4-day course, a number of people were ordering your book online (and having them shipped to Thailand where we live). So thank you again for writing such a wonderful book!
SW, Thailand

I have used your book to determine remedies for our family for years and with great success. Thank you!
Sue R

I am a homeopath in Surrey, England and a devotee of your Homeopathic Handbook which I first used many years ago when I was a new mother who had just found homeopathy. I qualified as a homeopath many years later and now run many self help courses for my patients and interested people about using homeopathy. I wanted to let you know I use your book as the recommended text, including teaching them how to use it best and so on. I still reach for the Handbook during acute telephone consultations from time to time and can’t recommend it highly enough.
Cathy W

Homeopathy WORKS for serious, difficult health issues. I use your basic homeopathy guide all the time. I’ve had great success with it, and love it for its accessibility and comfort level. Thanks for your books and all the work you do. Homeopathy can seem a little arcane, but you bring it down to earth. I also have the stress book and I bought the pregnancy/baby book for friends who were expecting!
Joy D., USA

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