Reviews: 7 Cream - Miranda Castro Homeopathy

Reviews: 7 Cream

I had severe burns to the most sensitive areas of my body, but within 24 hours of applying 7 Cream I could literally see new skin cells forming on the raw flesh and never looked back. 7 Cream is now a permanent item in the medical cabinet and I use it for any skin irritation. Cuts heal over night, my mother used it successfully for bed sores, and more…Amazing…Miraculous…Magic. Many thanks.
S.C., Bolton, England (submitted by email)

I am a nurse practitioner in private practice with a special emphasis in wound care. I have used 7 Cream for my father-in-law’s radiation burn with incredible results.
A.H., Sioux Center, IA (submitted by email)

I have been using this on my face as a face cream and love it. I get many compliments on my complexion and have recommended this product to many people over the years.
L.S., Winnipeg, MB, Canada (submitted by email)

Just wanted to say we have had fantastic results after using your Seven Cream on my five year old daughter. She suffers from severe outbreaks of eczema both on and around her eyes and mouth. Nothing we have tried has had any positive long term effect other than the Seven Cream. Thank you so much!
N.S., Richmond, England (submitted by email)

My husband just finished radiation treatment and was severely burned on his neck and upper back. Within 24 hours we saw a difference. Each day the pain got less and less and within a week the burns were almost healed. We think it’s the greatest product on the market. It cut the healing time down. The doctor said it would take at least a month and it only took about 10 days to be almost completely gone.
(Submitted by email)

I was diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma and was told I would need surgery to remove it. Since it was not a dangerous form of cancer, I was given a wait time of 3 months before I could go in for my treatment. I had been using the 7 Cream on my face as an anti-aging cream and I thought I might try it on my skin cancer spot. I used the cream on the spot twice a day and it immediately started to tingle and itch as though it was healing. When I saw the doctor for treatment he asked me where the spot was and I didn’t end up needing surgery to remove it! The doctor was able to remove the rest of it topically! Thank you 7 Cream!
(Submitted by email)

I’ve recommended this product to my radiation oncologist, and to my throat, ear and nose specialist. Both were truly impressed. Thank you for providing a product that heals so well!
(Submitted by email)

I would like to share with you that my sister has completed her radiation treatment and the doctors could not believe the healing that took place. Again, 7 Cream was the one treatment that provided relief and rapid healing of the horrific burns and deep fissures and blistering. Many thanks.
(Submitted by email)

My wife has host vs. graft disease from a bone marrow transplant. Her skin is incredibly sensitive, as thin as paper. If she scratches herself she bleeds. She has allergic reactions to just about everything. She had no bad reaction to your cream and she swears it has made her skin tougher.
(Submitted by email)

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