Helios SOeSsence™ Flower Formula for Pets


We are thrilled to be offering Helios’s fabulous pet products. Helios is the UK’s premier Homeopathic Pharmacy. All their products are formulated and sourced meticulously and then manufactured to the highest of standards. This product is sweetly healing for all your furry friends. And you too!

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This beautiful anti-stress formula for your pets is unique and quite different from Rescue Remedy. The six flower essences provide support, strength and healing during and/or after an acute or traumatic event. This Flower Formula brings balance and calm to agitated, anxious or scared animals. And their owners!

6 flower essences, each in a 3X potency, in a base of brandy.

  • Bluebell: calms, soothes and protects. Pets are vulnerable emotionally and sensitive to the feelings of their owners or other pets nearby.
  • Larch: strengthens and relaxes. For pets full of nervous tension and/or timidity.
  • Mimulus: allays fear and anxiety. For fear of something perceived as a threat and sensitive to lights/noise i.e. any commotion.
  • Rock Rose: distresses a fearful animal. Animals quake and shake from fear or shock.
  • Star of Bethlehem: restores the natural ability of the body to heal itself. For any shock or trauma of any kind.
  • Walnut: helps pets let go of negative expectations based on a previous experience. Struggles with transitions or any situation that reminds them of a similar previously stressful one.

A few drops in the drinking water or dropped onto the nose, in the mouth, or on the paw.

Owners who are distressed either because their pets are distressed or vice versa will find it helpful to take a dose or two at the same time. 😊

Weight 0.8 oz
Dimensions 0.7 × 0.7 × 3.1 in

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