Reviews: Scars Cream - Miranda Castro Homeopathy

Reviews: Scars Cream

I had a large squamous carcinoma removed from my neck, under my chin. It was a long scar (about 4”) that ended up so lumpy it felt like a big rope under my skin. There was a lot of pulling because he had to cut out so much skin and tissue.

A surgical scar on the before, during and after using Miranda's Scars Cream
A surgical scar on the before, during and after using Miranda’s Scars Cream

I began using the Scar Cream as soon as the stitches were removed. It is the only ointment I’ve put on it. After only 2 weeks of using the cream twice a day the scar was soft and the skin supple and the ‘rope’ nearly gone. After 2 more months of using Miranda’s Scars cream less often – once a day or so – there is barely anything left to be seen.
JS, Michigan

I’ve been using your scar cream for a while now and love love love it. I’m diabetic and have a hard time healing, but with your cream it took only 3 days to completely heal a pretty deep cut I had on top of my hand. LOVE IT!
MR, Florida

I’ve been using your scar cream and it is as wonderful as you said it would be.
FG, New York

I am 63 years old and I have been plagued by severe acne scars since adolescence. I began to see improvement in a short time and the improvement is continuing. All of this is my way of saying thank you for this dramatic change in my life. It means being able to finally say good-bye to many years of torment.
JM, Arizona

I bought your scar cream for my daughter who got bit by a dog. We had tried everything to try and get rid of the scar and her scar is now fading thanks to your cream.
CM, Arizona

“My daughter used your scar cream for her stretch marks.”

Stretchmarks before and after using Miranda's Cream
Stretchmarks before and after using Miranda’s Cream

I did not think it would work due to not being keloid scars but she got pretty darn good results!”
SK, Massachussetts

My kids have been using your Scars Cream for their acne and it’s been working great. I thought you might like to know!
MS, New York

One of my patients who got your scar cream was even scared of how well it worked!
IR, Florida

Your Scars Cream was a miracle after my squamous carcinoma surgery. My doctor had to dig out a huge area in my neck, under my chin. He was surprised at how deep and widespread the cancer had spread underneath. I had a 6 long, deep, ugly, and lumpy scar that felt like rope. There was a lot of numbness and pulling from all the stitches and stretched tissues. He said was the best he could do under the circumstances. Once the stitches were out, I used Castro’s Scars Cream twice daily and the soreness quickly disappeared. After a couple of weeks, the lumps were half the size and after a month the scar was disappearing fast. The skin is soft and supple now and the scar barely visible. My doctor could hardly believe his eyes at my follow up appointment.
Judith, MI

I must tell you that I am so pleased with the creams I recently purchased from you. The Scar cream is doing remarkably with a wide scar on my mother’s arm.
Barbara, FL

My husband had several old scars on this knees from bicycle mishaps. One was from a scrape over 15 months ago that was still dark and awful looking. We have been measuring and taking photos. All of the scars have decreased in size and the color has lightened considerably and is less uniform. Pretty exciting stuff.
MC, Canada

I have a large keloid scar on my chin. It was a result of a staph infection and was bumpy and very raised. I suffered from social anxiety and depression because of it. I did not leave my house for about one year except to go to work and I would try to cover it with lots of make up. My relationship also suffered due to me not feeling attractive. I began using your scar cream and within a week, the scar has softened and flattened considerably. I had wasted hundreds of dollars on other creams that did not work. Thank you so much for giving me my life back.
LH, California

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