Miranda Castro's Healing Creams - Miranda Castro Homeopathy

Miranda Castro’s Healing Creams

My healing creams have been soothing injured or arthritic joints, and scars in the UK and the US for 25 years. They have a really nice track record.

Miranda Castro’s Healing Creams for Scars

This cream is wonderful for all scars old & new, including stretch marks in teenagers and pregnant women.

Miranda Castro’s Healing Cream for Joints & Muscles

This joint will heal injured or inflamed joints and/or muscles. It will relieve pain and inflammation and help to strengthen the joint.

Miranda Castro’s Healing Gels for Bites & Stings

My bug bite gel is something special – it works beautifully on nearly all insect bites and stings. It’s a tube you’ll want to have about your person for all your outdoor activities when those critters are active!

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