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Outbreak Update

On Friday the 10th of April (2020) I gave a webinar for the NCH (National Center for Homeopathy).

Click here for a pdf of the presentation (all slides).
Printable version (the notes only).

Below you will find all links from the presentation!

The NCH: A Gift for You

Join the National Center for Homeopathy and support homeopathy at the grassroots!

All Charts

My FLU Chart
Ian Watson’s Cheat Sheet
Respiratory Therapist’s Advice

Pneumonia Chart #1, and Chart #2 (both charts are for professional homeopaths only).
Thanks to Fi Connors (Houston homeopath and nurse) for collaborating with me on these charts.

Homeopathic Help

If you take one or two remedies with no result get in touch with your homeopath, or use an online service like Homeopathy Help Now. They have set up a task force of homeopathic practitioners to help specifically with this outbreak.

In Depth Homeopathic Articles

Dr Andre Saine’s Video is long (2 hours). The extensive notes are brilliantly comprehensive…an intelligent, helpful and fully referenced discussion.

This Interview with Dr. Ajit Kulkarni is fully referenced and homeopathically sound.

Homeopathic Pharmacies

Washington Homeopathic Products
Hahnemann Labs
Natural Health Supply
Homeopathy Overnight
Amazon (mostly Boiron remedies which are fine).

One of each of the remedies covered in this webinar are now available as a set: Outbreak Remedies Set

Stats & Facts


The following sites update most of their published numbers daily:

Interactive map: https://covid19.topos.com/

Florida Stats updated twice a day.

Extreme Gratitude

I want to end by appreciating the armies of emergency services and health care personnel who are caring for sick patients. The doctors and nurses are the tip of a huge healing iceberg that includes support personnel as well, the janitors and aides and administrators and service providers (food and linens etc.) There are so many. So many.

In addition there are multitudes of remarkable people carrying out essential work right now. Helping to keep all our worlds afloat. 

• Sanitation personnel (trash and recycling)

• Grocery store clerks and personnel 

• Pharmacists and pharmacy clerks

• Truck drivers and bus drivers

• Mail men and women … and so many more. 

Those of us sheltering safely in place would like you all to know we are deeply grateful for all you are doing to feed us and delivery our mail and take our trash. And, well, everything.

Thank You ♥ ♥ ♥

Updated April 10, 2020

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