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Reviews: Joints/Muscles Cream

For a long time (at least a year or more), I have had a pain in my upper arm. Any time I lifted anything higher than my shoulder, it would hurt, and it was painful to lie on (I sleep on that side). I was unable to straighten my arm upwards, lifting the arm over my head it looked like a bowed leg. I rubbed your magic cream on it each day for about 2 weeks, and then the pain was gone! I can now straighten my arm, it truly is a magic cure.
Leslie from AZ (submitted by email)

As I was enjoying a wonderful walk on Daytona Beach this morning, my old left shoulder burning, tingling pain resurfaced. Thank goodness I traveled with Miranda’s healing cream. I got back to my room, rubbed it on, and voila! Gone again! I said a prayer on Thanksgiving for you and your miracle cream!
Peggy from FL (submitted by email)

I want to thank you for the joint cream. I use it for my knee and it has helped tremendously. I am now able to do yoga without too much trouble. It appears that I tore my lateral meniscus.
Melinda from AZ (submitted by email)

We went hiking in the mountains recently and did some long days. Your cream helped a lot. I used it at the end of the day and it took care of the sore and stiff joints and muscles. It seemed to work better than Arnica cream.
Gwynn from FL (submitted by email)

Miranda, thank you so much for recommending your joint cream. I have lived with neck and shoulder pain for many years, and after only two weeks of using your product I finally feel some relief. It is truly an amazing product.
Chip from FL (submitted by email)

I used your Joint cream twice a day on my shin splints and they are almost gone after using it for just under two weeks. YEAH! You have no idea the pain I was in with these shin splints for over a year. I had even seen a Sports Medicine doctor who’s advice was to heat, ice, change my running shoes and possibly change the workout that I love doing. He suggested that I may just have to deal with this pain forever. I was icing them so often and at times even was unable to walk or run. It felt like daggers in my shins. Now I am able to continue doing the exercise that I love doing and pain free!
Samara from FL (submitted by email)

The joint cream is very effective for me at the end of a long week of treating clients! I’m a bodywork therapist, and so my thumbs, elbows, and wrists can get quite sore. I am also an avid gardener, and again, your cream takes all the aches away, so that I can continue to garden.
NJ from Sparta, Canada (submitted by email)

I love your Muscle and Joint Cream! Tt works like a charm!
Joy N (submitted by email)

My dad has been using the Joint and Muscle Cream on a Dupytren’s contracture in his hand. He has been using it for a few months now. When I saw him at Thanksgiving, I couldn’t believe the improvement. The contracture had been very hard and very stiff. Now it’s more pliable and has softened. My dad said he can now massage the area. His ring finger was pulling into his palm … it’s stilling pulling but not to the same extent. My dad is postponing surgery. He feels that things are gradually improving, so he keeps using the cream.
Amy W (submitted by email)

Thank you, Miranda. The wrist I fractured about 7 years ago bothers me from time to time and is weak. I decided to use the Joint and Muscle Cream on it and I am doing much better. I hadn’t thought of it before, but am loving the flexibility and am in much less pain.
Phyllis H (submitted by email)

Miranda, your arthritis cream is miraculous! It helps my fingers and toes, and the other night I woke up in the middle of the night my thumb joint was swollen and painful…hard to move my thumb and it really scared me because I remember my mother telling me when she was about my age that she could not open jars in the kitchen anymore! Anyway, I used your Joints and Muscle cream twice in the night and woke up with no pain or swelling, and none since!
Patricia S (submitted by email)

I have used Castro’s Joint Cream off and on for about a year, originally obtaining it from England. I am VERY happy with it. I have used it on my knee and on my wrist. Not sure what I suffer from, but when I get a flare up, I can apply the cream several times a day and get relief by day’s end. After a few days, I will be fine until another flare up in a few months. Can’t beat it! Thank you, Miranda!
Barbara H (submitted by email)

I used the Joint Cream only three times for my hands – they were so painful and weak I couldn’t open jars. The pains had been getting steadily worse over a period of six months after I injured them. The pains have completely gone and they have been restored to their former health and strength. I am speechless. Pass it on.
Maggi S (submitted by email)

Mom is getting immediate pain relief with the Joints Cream! Thanks so much! She is now able to walk to the store on her own again, which makes her very happy.
Carol A (submitted by phone)

Recently I attended a Homeopathic First Aid/Acute Seminar with Miranda Castro. I am relatively new to homeopathy and was surprised at the number of ways it can help injuries. One topic particularly sparked my interest. Miranda was talking about joint injuries and tendonitis. I have been experiencing tendonitis in my right thumb for 6 months. I have been to my allopathic doctor and was told to immobilize it and ice it. I could take anti-inflammatories to manage the pain but there was little they could do. This being my right hand/thumb, it was next to impossible to immobilize it. I was wearing a brace at night to help with sleeping and I favored it during the day. I had learned to ‘manage’ the pain by over compensating with my arm. I am a preschool teacher and I need the use of my hand to assist my students in all sorts of ways, which would lead to excruciating pain at times. Miranda mentioned her Joint Cream and I figured that I would get it if only for future injuries.

That night I did one application of the cream to my wrist below my thumb. As I rubbed the cream in there was an immediate sensation of coolness and healing. It was only for a few minutes but I felt it with each subsequent application. When I awoke the next morning, my thumb (which had been in its brace all night as usual) was just as stiff and painful as usual. I applied the cream 2 more times that morning. At the seminar a few hours later, I was taking notes only to suddenly realize that my thumb did not hurt! Writing had been especially difficult and I used to have to hold my pen in an awkward way to avoid great pain. I noticed that I was holding my pen in the normal way and there was no pain! I dropped the pen and started moving my thumb around in ways that I had not been able to do for 6 months! I could not believe it! All that time and my GP was unable to help or even think of an alternative and 3 applications of the Joint cream and there was a marked improvement!

My thumb is at about 90% better now just 4 days after that first application. I believe the 6 months of immobility and favoring it has weakened the tendon and I will need to exercise it and work to increase it’s strength, but I am completely sold on the joint cream and homeopathy in general to help out all sorts of unwellness. Next time I will not wait so long to try a homeopathic solution! And joy of joys, I am able to pick up my 3 year old students without pain now! Something I’ve been unable to do and missing all these months. Thank you Miranda for all that you do! You have definitely changed my life!
Jacey from MA (submitted by email)

The other night I woke up in the middle of the night because my right hand thumb joint was swollen and painful and it was hard to move my thumb.I used your cream twice that night and woke up perfect. No pain, no swelling and none since!
(Submitted by email)

I must tell you, I am so pleased with the creams I recently purchased from you. The joint cream helped my neck within about two weeks. I’ve loaned it to my mother because she is having some joint difficulty with her neck. She can feel the difference when she puts it on. It calms the pain down!
(Submitted by email)

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