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Flu Notes 2011—2013

By February of 2011 the flu had marched across the country, and was widespread throughout Florida at this time. That year’s flu was a doozy … without homeopathy people were sick for 2-3 weeks then recovering for a further week or two, and the cough could linger for ages.

The CDC’s new interactive map. Click Play to see how the flu has spread through the country this winter.

Here’s some serious consolation for those who have had a nasty dose of H1N1 (aka Swine Flu).

I  asked other homeopaths which remedies they are seeing most often. Sometimes there are just a few remedies that predominate in a flu season but this year there were unfortunately a wider range. There were at least 3 main strains of flu out there and this may be why. Gelsemium and Baptisia were the top two remedies for last season and I’ve seen a few this season so far …

  • Gelsemium is the # 1 remedy to think of with the typical flu symptoms: tremendous aching, no thirst, a low grade fever (100/101) with chills running up and down the back and clamminess rather than sweating, tremendous lethargy and sleepiness, no energy to talk or open the eyes.

Oh Fluey! I wrote this great article a number of years ago and it is still good.

Print out my quick reference chart and stick it on your fridge for quick and easy access!

You can purchase the current year’s Influenzinum from my shop—also Thymuline (immune support) and Coxiflu (aka Oscillococcinum). Or better still you can buy all 3 and get a 10% discount plus free shipping!

If you are not receiving constitutional treatment from a homeopathic practitioner you can take Influenzinum once a month as a general preventative during flu season – just two doses (one at bedtime/one on waking) i.e. do not take it every day. Plus an extra dose if you are in direct contact with someone who has the flu. If you would like to take it but are not sure whether it will interfere with your constitutional remedy please let your practitioner know so they can check for you.

A few quick notes about fevers

  • Fever is the main way your body fights infection.
  • Don’t routinely suppress a fever – with tylenol or motrin. Or homeopathy.
  • Don’t suppress a fever and send yourself or your children to work or school with an underlying flu.
  • A low grade fever is in 100-101/102 … a moderate fever is 102-103/104 … a high fever is 104++
  • Don’t panic if the fever rises to 102 or 103 – it’s a sign of high vitality – as long as you and/or your child are not suffering – are not worryingly lethargic.
  • Read my fevers article especially if you have children at home.

After writing the above I received lots of emails with information about which remedies have been helpful in which areas for the 2012/2013 flu …. here’s a selection.

“Whatever illness is out here seems to be responding to Arsenicum, then followed by Bryonia if it gets into the chest. The flu out here is characterized by severe runny nose and eyes, fever of 102, and might or might not have vomiting with it. Arsenicum has worked across the board. My mom in Florida has been ill with cough for about six weeks. I’ll have her try kali carb next. Thanks for the advice. ”   Lesa Werner, California

“Seeing mainly Ars and Bry needing both to resolve cases nicely so far.”   Mary Terhune, Ayer MA (near Boston)

“I have seen several people who began with scratchy throat, became very cold with chills and cannot get warm, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea with some, body aches. The most obvious symptom is the cold, secondarily the nausea. Veratrum no effect. Ars-a very effective. Worked well for 4 people. Wanted to share.”   Susan Kramer, Atlanta

“I had the flu 2 weeks ago, and I needed Baptisia during the fever, and Tuberculinum aviaire at the end.”   Kristy Lampe, North Carolina

“Got the flu Thursday night suddenly with mild fever, nausea, and mild chills. Friday morning took a few grains of Osc. and felt 60% better in about ten minutes. All nausea gone, but mild burping for several days. Peppermint tea helped with the burping, stopped it. Still very tired and needed to rest for four days. About normal today. So guess I got a mild version.  Gave hubby some Osc, just in case.”   Eileen Klinck, Florida

“The boys (makes them sound like kids, they’re 21 and 23!!!)  just got over the flu and I think I did ok treating them!  Gelsemium was certainly the #1 remedy at the beginning, hot and flushed and very feverish, totally unable to think or move. They never had much of a stuffy nose but that cough, good grief!!! Spongia worked wonders and Hepar Sulph cleared it up, I always marvel at how efficiently homeopathy works! Even though I was around them a whole weekend, making endless pots of herbal tea and generally being nurse-mum, I didn’t get it. My younger son did need to get a doctor’s note for a missed exam at college and was diagnosed with “severe bronchitis” for which he was given a list of the usuals. He said thank you gracefully and never filled the prescription…said my remedies were working just fine.  Warms the cockles of my heart!  Thought you might like a success story!”   Shura Avaloff, Florida

“Wanted to share with you the remedies I have found most effective for the flu that has been circulating here and around the country since Christmas. Working with other homeopaths, we came up with Dulcamara as most helpful. When given early, great results. Also Byronia and Merc helped and the other remedies you charted when the picture presents.”   Noel Szychowski, Georgia

“Have seen many flu cases over on the southwest coast and up in Maine. All have been Merc sol so far. I’ve gathered quite a few rubrics and they are all there. All have responded quite well once I figured it out!”   Erica McPhee, Florida

Here are the Facebook comments about remedies that worked for people at the time – for patients and/or loved ones.  
“I’ve found Kali carb is needed to resolve the cough that lingers at the end of this year’s flu. Most of my cases have needed this. Also seen very high temperatures and delirium. Many have needed stramonium in the fever stage.” Claire O’Brien

“Nux vomica-fever (102), joint aches, complete collapse, no appetite-5 days. Day 6 fever breaks, followed by severe chills and throwing up. Knocking kids out to the school system 30 a day in an elementary my friend works at. They were doing ‘exit interviews.’ ” Susan L Keefe

“Ferrum Phos was good for the inital stages and in the case of my son he only had the flu sx for 2 days. I used Ferrum Phos tissue salts as a prophylactic for my other son who usually gets everything and he didnt have any sx.” Zoe Thompson-Gledhill

Yes, I have had my son on Ferrum phos 3 times a day on top of the remedy.” Susan L Keefe

“Ferrum phos, Bell for high fevers & Kali carb for the cough here too.” Jan Calvert

“I have treated all cases with Ars Alb, Bryonia and Gelsemium. My homeopath who lives in Italy says the main 2 there are Ars Alb and Bryonia.” Sharon Foran

Ars Alb for me in MN. Also some Cupr. Kathryn Zochert Berg

I have been seeing a lot of Sulphur, Kali Bichromicum, Hepar Sulph, and Belladonna in the Philadelphia area. Michelle Rose

i’ve suggested Gels to the majority here in the toronto/GTA area over the past couple of months… been working wonders. Laura Stewart

I have treated all my flu cases with Ars Alb 1M in water but it was great response and recovery with 10x succussion. Elham Elahi

I’ve had a few that needed Bacillinum to clear their last chest symptoms. However this is in the bleak, damp UK! Fiona Hackman

I was knocked out by the flu that seemed to settle in the sinuses (everybody) and i felt it in the occiput as well. Silica got me on my feet again. My patients seem to be responding to silica, all the kalis (bich, carb and mur) and the influenzinum nosode. Yvette Lever

I use Oscillo for everyone first- the combo stuff Guna Flu, Influenzinum… they are great prevention and if they do get it- it only last 24 hrs. Maria Cronyn

Over here baptisia and Eupertorium as well as bacillinum seem to do the trick. Liz Keegan

Here in California Gels and Eup are making life easier. Renate Andrasevits Reed

Looks like my nephew arrived here from Florida with it. Aryana Rayne

In NY area, lots of Gels. and to lesser degrees Ars. and Nux. Very chilly people! Laura Josephson

I think I am a bad homeopath–I can’t figure it out. My poor son was decked!! Dea Lenihan

In Manhattan – Bry, Gels, Eup-per. The subsequent cough – Rumex. Lot of achy,cold, don’t-want-to-move people around here. Johanna Goosmann Antar

In spain I´ve used Corallium Rubrum for the cough. Antonio Nicolas Bastida

no-one can prescribe for their own son! :0) well, you know, I can do Arnica, the constitutionals…but in cough and flu territory objectivity is very hard! Annie HolisticSister Dea

So far I have seen Gelsemium for the after effects of the flu and Ant tart. Meryl Cook

Thanks Annie! I freeze right up. Glad to know I am not the only one! Dea Lenihan

I have treated some Gels cases in MN. Lida Ley

I’m seeing Nux vomica up here in New York. But please pass along anything you learn. Thanks. Joette Calabrese

It’s great to hear from homeopaths around the world … I have seen extreme chilliness in several patients also – unfortunately I’ve also seen different remedies for each of the cases I’ve seen so far … one Gelsemium, one Baptisia, one Nux vomica, some that needed their constitutional remedies repeating and some that needed a series of remedies i.e. no pattern so far. Di Goodwin and Carol Boyce told me that Granite has been helping in the UK with post flu weakness so I tried it here but didn’t see much of a response. O’m very fond of Bacillinum influenzinum (yup it’s a combination remedy) for the post flu cough and weakness and it worked brilliantly last year but so far this year not so much. That’s all that’s fit to print! Let’s keep talking and sharing. Miranda Castro Homeopathy

If clear picture of acute I give,if not clear flu picture I give influenzinum and follow with constitutional. Triona Coppinger

I’ve had mainly Baptisia and Gelsemium cases this year. Zara Anne

along with influenzinum n arsenic one can give avena Q or alfalfa to build up immunity. Bharti Bhutani

in my place i have used influenzum and ars and rhus with good results. Manoj Babu Gupta

u please try bryonia u can see amazing results. Shaijal Abu

Here in Toronto we saw a lot of Ars, Merc and Phos.
Dry lips…high fever for weeks, esp in people using suppressive means. Sore throats < at twilight. Headaches. Loss of voice. Samantha Spencley

Gelsemium, Nux and Bryonia here mostly. Elizabeth Brandegee

flu treated with Gelsemium and a HUGE number of Glandular fever cases……Carc doing the work beautifully. Averil Baxter-Hart

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