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Some early thoughts about Covid-19 (Jan/Feb 2020)

Every year every year. This year we have the added excitement of the Coronavirus aka Covid-19.

In January I published a note on Facebook because people were asking about this virus and helpfully there were some research papers describing the symptoms.

So yes, as of the end of January it was bad but as of the 3rd week in February the figures hadn’t changed significantly. According to The CDC there were relatively few states (7) with confirmed cases (19). As of March 9th, with the virus spreading more steadily, more cases have been confirmed. In spite of this the numbers of cases and deaths in the US are both still relatively low.

In January I researched about the virus seeking out papers and articles that were more informative than the fear-mongering being disseminated by the media*. Yes, some people are dying so this is a very bad virus but I wanted to see if I could think it though. I looked for information that would be useful to the homeopathic thinker.

This is an RNA virus—like influenza—but there are some key differences from the common flu virus symptoms. These differences will help us to be clever about selecting effective homeopathic solutions.

The common symptoms are pretty much worthless from a homeopathic perspective:

  • The fever is typically low grade (99°F-102°F)
  • Fatigue (malaise) and aching muscles (myalgia)

The uncommon symptoms are interesting:

  • A dry cough develops which is accompanied by tightness and breathlessness
  • There is no nasal discharge (runny nose)

People who continued to get sicker developed pneumonia. In some patients the kidneys and/or the liver and/or the heart became affected.

My thoughts about remedies are theoretical. I have not seen a patient with this disease. It looks like this virus comes on slowly.

The incubation period is unknown (2-14 days i.e. not so helpful) with the initial symptoms (fever and cough) lasting a good week. Therefore Aconite doesn’t look like a sensible remedy as it is mainly indicated at the first signs of an illness that comes on suddenly.

The first symptoms are fever with muscles aches and fatigue. This is all good for Gelsemium. Especially if the muscles aches are all over, if the fever is accompanied by chills (in the back) alternating with heat, and there is thirstlessness. Some homeopaths suggest Eupatorium is a better choice if the pains are severe including a very bad headache.

A cough develops which is dry and accompanied by breathlessness. If there are no other symptoms at this stage Ferrum phosphoricum will be the first remedy to consider. It is not in my big (square) kit so you should buy a tube (30c) to have it at hand.

If there are any modalities or general symptoms then Phosphorus, Bryonia, Arsenicum, Ipecac or Antimonium tartaricum may be indicated depending on the symptoms.

There’s no treatment and no vaccine so it is wise to take as many obvious precautions as possible. I never thought I’d write this—or do it myself but if you have to travel by plane:

  • Wear a mask
  • Don’t drink the water (including tea/coffee) or eat the food
  • Don’t wash your hands in the restroom (use a sanitizer instead)
  • Sanitize the heck out of everything

Be prepared for if you get sick and remember. It could be an ordinary, common or garden flu. And … the same homeopathic principles apply. Select a remedy based on the whole picture and include one or more strong and/or striking and/or uncommon symptoms to enhance the healing effects.

A Thought about Aspirin

I wonder if some people who get very sick take Aspirin or other fever-reducing drugs. Aspirin reduces pain and fever but here’s the rub. Fever is your body’s primary infection-fighting tool. Homeopaths and many holistic health care practitioners including medical doctors have observed that fevers artificially reduced during a viral illness can lead to a worsening of symptoms and a prolonged recovery. An additional unfortunate side effect of reducing fever and pain is that people may continue going to work (or school) thereby spreading the virus like crazy.

A brilliantly helpful, continuously updated list of countries and numbers. There are a number of links including statistics for those tested and age, sex and pre-existing conditions figures.

My Fevers Article focuses on kids but it is good for people of all ages!

My full Facebook Note with comments.

This year’s Influenzinum 30C … this remedy can be taken to help prevent the flu as well as treat it.

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