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Reviews: A Homeopathic Guide to Stress

It’s been in my heart for many years to thank you for help I have received and keep receiving through your wonderful books and articles. To express my gratitude is long overdue. For family, friends and myself, it has been great to check the Handbook for assistance in acute problems. In my case, when trauma, sadness, loneliness hit, I hug to my chest your book, Homeopathic Guide to Stress. Your loving compassion radiates through those pages. Thank you!
Veronica R.

I have gone through your book A Homeopathic Guide to Stress. The guidelines were superb and very helpful for new practitioners. It was pleasant to read.
Gajanan P.

I have several of your wonderful homeopathic books, but indeed the last one I purchased, the Homeopathic Guide to Stress, is most remarkable, and has been a GOD send to me personally in the last couple of months. I have recommended it to many of my circle of alternative practitioner friends. Although I must have 30 books on homeopathy, I use yours and Dana Ullman’s all the time. I find that you have taken the time to present your material in a very understanding and usable way. You have a talent in presentation. I have totally worn out my original copy of The Complete Homeopathy Handbook. Thank you for your dedication to homeopathy, and to the presentation thereof. Please continue to author other great books on this subject.
Mildred D

I have received your book on stress that I ordered and I found it very useful. I have used it already with my daughter with great success. I will be taking it with me when I travel to Spain as well as your other book. With those two I feel I am covered for most everyday situations.
Cristina V

Dear Miranda, I have just rediscovered your book on stress on my shelf and really wish you were my homeopath!
Lesley B

Review by Gabrielle Pinto
The Homeopath, Issue 64, Winter 1997

This is Miranda Castro’s third book and it is an excellent easy read on the 20th Century disease called stress. She carefully unites her understanding of psychological work with her homeopathic knowledge, advising readers how to manage the changes they may need to make when under emotional or physical stress. The great thing is that you can immediately follow some of her suggestions and adjust your life accordingly. I was in such a hurry when I started to read the book and was of course reminded immediately that I could choose to slow down and enjoy what I was doing, which I did!

The first part of the book discusses ways to work out how stressed you are, with cases from her practice to illustrate general difficulties some of which were managed with homeopathy. Castro then divides the book into emotional and physical stresses with common sense measures for improving the quality of our lives during these difficult times.

Each section has recommendations for homeopathic treatment and advice as to when to get professional help. Managing emotional stress is often harder for us than when we are under physical stress. This may perhaps be that it is less acceptable but Castro offers positive ideas for transforming these times so that we can learn to grow and adjust.

This is a jolly good self help book aimed at empowering the reader to manage his or her life and therefore is useful for practitioners to recommend to patients.

I think we as practitioners also need to read it to remind us to review our own levels of stress and make the appropriate changes whenever possible, even if it is only about taking time out to read a book!

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