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The Quick Study System by Gwynn Cadwallader is a beautiful learning tool specifically created to help homeopathic students, study groups and homeopaths prepare for the certification examination of the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC.) Read Review…

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Two of the best ways to memorize facts are flashcards and repetition. Both learning techniques are covered with these great products.

Use the CDs for repetition – to hear the information over and over – it will sink in a little deeper each time.
Use the flashcards to get instant feedback on your progress. You can test yourself repeatedly – either alone or with a friend or fellow student.

This system is has a proven track record with helping hundred of students pass the CHC exam over the past 10 years. It will be useful for all homeopathic students, study groups and aspiring CHC applicants.

The compact cards are structured to be a working set of notes for people on the go. The 65# white card stock allows you to highlight, underline, circle the notes themselves, and the back of the card is blank so you may add additional notes of your own.

Guaranteed to reduce some of your test anxiety, because you’ll be more confident in your knowledge!

Review by Kristy Lampe, MA

Published in Homeopathy Today, May/ June 2008

There’s a rather unique new homeopathic study aid on the block. Lucy Clark and Gwynn Cadwallader, recent graduates of the Florida Academy of Classical Homeopathy, have created the Quick Study System™ to help students prepare for the Materia Medica section of the Council for Homeopathic Certification’s CCH examination. Whether you learn by seeing or by hearing, this box containing 154 remedy-cards and 4 audio CDs will help you to understand and learn remedies so that you use them properly, and are prepared to sit for the CCH exam.

Remedy Cards

Clark and Cadwallader used their class notes and Materia Medicae from Kent, Lippe, Morrison, Nash, and Vermeulen to extract the essence of each remedy. They also used information from the Council on Homeopathic Certification’s Certification Prep Guide (by Karen Allen) and their insights from having taken the CCH exam themselves. The remedy-cards are organized by “Affinity,” not alphabetically. This classification makes sense when first learning how and when to use remedies; later on, the remedies listed in each section might help the practitioner to focus on particulars of a case being analyzed.

The sections include:
•  Acute (15 remedies)
•  Circulation, Heart & Bleeding (11 remedies)
•  Collapse (6 remedies)
•  Cough (8 remedies)
•  Female (10 remedies)
•  Gastro-intestinal & Digestion(16 remedies)
•  Glands (6 remedies)
•  Nervous System (22 remedies)
•  Polycrest (39 remedies)
•  Upper Respiratory (10 remedies)
•  Skin (7 remedies)
•  Urinary Tract Infection (4 remedies).

The remedy-cards are printed on one side of 24-lb. paper, which is thick enough so that you can use a highlighter pen or ballpoint. The blank reverse can be used to add information from other sources or your own cases. Of course, the authors couldn’t get everything about a remedy onto a 4 x 5″ card, but these are excellent summaries that will jog your memory (or send you to the sources to study on a deeper level). It makes sense to keep the remedy-cards in their original numerical-sequence stack during an intense study period. Later on, some users might choose to load them into photo-sized sheet protectors and store them in a 3-ring binder for easy reference, especially for acute prescribing.

Audio CDs

The four audio CDs contain the same information on each remedy card, read in a clear voice by the authors. In addition, you will hear little gems about each remedy, quoted from the writings of homeopathic masters, including Hahnemann, Phatak, and Kent. The remedy-cards and the audio CDs complement each other well, and reinforce the learning process.

I was pleased that there is no background hissing so I didn’t have to crank up volume to ear-damaging levels. The CDs can be played on your computer, on a car stereo (MP3-compatible only!), or downloaded to your iPod/MP3 player so you can learn while you commute, exercise, or travel.

For all serious students

While the authors created this system specifically for students preparing to take the CCH exam, I feel the Quick Study System™ will also be helpful for homeopathic study groups and individuals who wish to start studying remedy-pictures in greater depth. The information on the cards can be used to create lesson-plans and quizzes. The system is easy to use and provides just the right amount of information without overwhelming students. I look forward to additional study aids that the authors say will be appearing on their website in the coming months.

About The Author
Kristy Lampe, MA, DIHom, is NCH e-Newsletter Editor, NCH On-Line Chat Moderator, Coordinator for NCH Affiliated Study Groups, and ASG-Newsflash Editor. She also works extensively to promote animal care using homeopathy and natural diets.

Each study card covers the following for each remedy:
1. Remedy Themes
2. Affinities
3. Miasms
4. Modalities
5. Mental symptoms
6. Physical symptoms
7. General symptoms
8. Keynotes with additional highlights, things that are unique to the remedy.
9. Characteristic symptoms, the symptoms that are key to understanding the remedy.

Each Remedy Card is attractive, organized and designed for efficient study and self testing, with a clear design that helps with memorizing the key information for each remedy.

Sample card (Arnica) – click to enlarge

The 154 remedies represent the material covered in the Materia Medica section of the certification exam offered by the Council for Homeopathic Certification.

The study cards are grouped according to the affinities of the remedies – according to their sphere of action and the body system.

The 4 CDs cover the same material as the Cards. They are great for listening while traveling, commuting, exercising, relaxing or at any time!

Complete Remedy List

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