Silk & Beeswax Dental Floss (unscented)

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This luxurious dental floss is made from pure silk coated with beeswax which makes it a pleasure to floss with.

Biodegradable • Non-toxic • Unscented • 100% Natural

Ecologically sound oral hygiene!

Contents 130 feet (40 meters)

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This floss is made of silk which is softer than conventional dental floss, which is normally made of nylon or polyester (a petroleum product).

The containers (the cardboard box and the floss container) as well as the floss are all biodegradable. The floss container is made from polypropylene with an additive that ensures that the material is fully decomposed within a few short years if it is buried in organic material (in compost or a landfill etc.). It is absolutely fine in the warm and humid conditions found in bathrooms!

No Flavorings • No Sugar • No Petroleum • No Fluorine • No Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)*

* Elevated levels of PTFE in the body have been linked with numerous health problems.

Good for your mouth! Good for the environment!

  • Silk (130 feet)
  • Beeswax

The container that holds the silk is PP (polypropylene) with an organic additive that ensures the plastic fully decomposes in just a few years as long as it is surrounded by organic material (compost, landfill).
Don’t worry! It is fine in the warm and humid conditions found in bathrooms!

The packaging is made entirely of cardboard which is 100% recyclable!

  • Twist the lid the lid to the left to pull out the desired length of floss and cut it on the blade.
  • After cutting the floss twist the lid to the right to close it!
  • Twist each end of the floss around a finger of each hand.
  • Move the floss with a gentle sawing motion (side to side and up and down) between your teeth to clean the sides of each tooth without hurting your gums!
Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 4.75 × 2.5 × .75 in

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