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Relieve muscle and/or joint pains with this luxuriously smooth, easily absorbed cream that contains only the gentlest of non-toxic ingredients.

$18.85 per tube for 10  tubes (save 35% or $10.15 per tube).

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Going way beyond any simple Arnica cream, Miranda Castro’s Healing Cream for Muscles and Joints is a clean, paraben-free cream. It is enhanced with the finest herbal and homeopathic remedies that cleverly target muscle, ligament or joint pains caused by inflammation or injury. Click the Reviews tab to see what customers think or click here for testimonials submitted by phone/email.

Miranda Castro’s Healing Cream for Joints can provide healing and relief from the following:

  • Soreness and swelling from bumps, bruises and over-exertion of muscles. (Arnica)
  • Sprains and stiffness from strained/sprained ligaments and joints. (Rhus tox and Ruta)
  • Pain from periosteum or tendon injuries, such as shin splints and tennis elbows. (Ruta)
  • Stiffness and pain from scar tissue. (Thiosinaminum and Calc fluor)
  • Pain from injury to the bones including the bony tissues of the joints. (Symphytum)
  • Weakness of joints that have lost their integrity due to injury or inflammation. (Calc fluor)

This cream isn’t at all sticky or greasy. It is smooth, light and easily absorbed with a lovely, gentle smell. The clever vacuum pump keeps the contents fresh for years, and it is transparent so you can always see how much you have left.

This cream is brilliantly soothing and healing for sore, stiff or swollen joints or muscles — whether the pains are due to inflammation (arthritis or rheumatism) or injury.

The ingredients have been carefully selected with many years of feedback from hundreds of patients. Aloe vera and several healing oils including Coconut and Rice Bran Oils and Vitamin E. These soften, heal and soothe. Calendula tincture helps the skin to heal and rebuild.

Homeopathic Thiosinaminum and Graphites in low potencies, as well as the cell salt Silica soften scar tissue and further support the skin to heal.

Borax (a naturally occurring salt) is used as a preservative, and a soy-based wax bring everything together into a deliciously smooth cream.

No artificial colors. No perfumes. No petroleum products. No propylene glycol. No parabens. No lanolin. No toxic ingredients. No animal testing. No fragrances.


  • Apply a small amount 1-3 times daily.
  • Use less often once it has begun to help i.e. once the scar has started to soften and fade.
  • Stop on significant improvement.


For topical use only. Do not apply to broken skin as it can cause a bit of irritation.

  • Do not use if seal is broken.
  • If pregnant or breast feeding, ask a health care professional before use.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Keep sealed, in a dark, cool place away from direct sunlight.

Q. What’s the difference between the Joint and the Scar Cream?
A. The scar cream is designed to act only on the skin – it does not have any ingredients for painful joints. The joint cream has a number of ingredients specifically for pain and/or swelling and/or inflammation to injured or arthritic joints and also to surrounding tissues of the joint.

Q. Can I put the Joint Cream on a Scar or vice versa?
A. You can do so without causing any harm but to get specific improvements you need to use the correct cream.

Q. Have there been any reported side effects with any of your creams?
A. I have not heard of any adverse reactions to either of my creams. The bases for both are the same and include almond oil, aloe vera, vitamin E oil. These products have been carefully chosen for their safety and gentleness but if you have a known allergy to any of these ingredients you should avoid using my creams. The aromatherapy oils are likewise super gentle and in small enough quantities they are unlikely to elicit an allergic response.

Q. What are the bases of your creams made from?
A. They are in a neutral aqueous base – one that is water soluble. This means that they are easily absorbed by your joints and/or scars. There’s a little soy-based wax to emulsify them i.e. to turn them from a liquid into a delicious cream.

There are no petrochemicals to clog up your pores. There’s no lanolin to cause allergic reactions or unpleasant stickiness. There are no perfumes to cause allergies. There are no toxic ingredients including no parabens or propylene glycol to build up or cause side effects.

Q. How are your creams preserved?
A. We have added a little borax (a naturally occurring salt) to act as a preservative. In addition the container itself is unique – a clever pump dispenser that keeps the air out thereby preserving the freshness of the creams and preventing contamination.

Q. Why do your creams contain aromatherapy oils? I thought they antidoted homeopathy.
A. Some aromatherapy oils (eucalyptus, menthol, camphor and tea tree) are ‘medicinal’ and have a very strong odor. In large doses these can counteract the effect of a homeopathic remedy. Small doses of most aromatherapy oils are just fine. I have chosen an oil that is super gentle, that has a proven track record with healing damaged skin tissue. From personal experience I know this oil also works fine alongside homeopathic medicines without counteracting their healing effects. There are just a few drops in each tube so no need to worry – you can just enjoy its lovely scent and be assured it is adding to the healing qualities of the cream.

Q. Can you tell me some more about the active ingredients in your cream?
A. I have chose ingredients carefully with many years of feedback from patient.

  • Calendula and Symphytum tinctures help the skin to heal.
  • Homeopathic Thiosinaminum and the cell salt Silicea helps to dissolve scar tissue.

Q. How long should I use the Scars Cream for?
As long as you need to – you should use it for a good month. If you see noticeable improvements in that time you should continue until those improvement cease. Some tough, old scars take 2-3 months or more to heal.

Q. I have a lumpy scar that is 20 (or 30 or 40) years old. Is it worth trying the Scars Cream?
A. Absolutely. Even old acne scars and old surgical scars are diminishing with this cream.

Q. Can I put the cream on a wound that is still healing?
A. Once the wound itself has healed over you can apply the Scars Cream. Don’t put it on an open wound as it can irritate it.

Q. Can using the cream help to prevent scarring?
A. No it cannot. You’ll need to consult a homeopathic practitioner for constitutional treatment if your body has a tendency to heal poorly and/or to form keloids after injury or surgery.

Q. Can your Scars Cream help with my teenage daughter’s stretch marks on her legs and hips?
A. Many people have found it to be helpful for stretch marks including pregnant and newly delivered women, teenagers and people of any age who have had sudden weight gains and developed stretch marks as a result.

Q. What about acne scars?
A. If there are lumps from scar tissue then yes it can help.

Q. How many ‘squirts’ are there in each tube?
A. There are approximately 120 full ‘squirts’ in each tube – enough for many months use.

If you have any other questions that are not answered here then please contact us.

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