Outbreak Remedies Set

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Price includes 13 remedies (see list below), a 6-page handout and free shipping.
Each remedy is a 2 dram plastic tube containing approx. 100 pellets
Pellets are organic sucrose (lactose-free)

More information about the remedies and how to use them:
Outbreak Update: mirandacastro.com/outbreak-update

One of each of the following remedies:

  1. Aconite napellus 200C
  2. Antimonium arsenicosum 30C
  3. Antimonium tartaricum 200C
  4. Arsenicum album 200C
  5. Bryonia alba 200
  6. Calc phos 6X
  7. Eupatorium perfoliatum 200C
  8. Ferrum phosphoricum 30C
  9. Gelsemium 200C
  10. Kali muriaticum 6X
  11. Phosphoric acid 12C
  12. Phosphorus 200C
  13. Spongia tosta 30C
Weight6 oz
Dimensions7.5 × 6 × 1 in

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